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Hebei Ulike Technology Co.,Ltd. is a modern company integrating research, production , sales and service. The main product are PDO /PCL /PLLA thread , Hyaluron pen, blunt cannula and meso needle. D.horse is a self-owned brand, product safety is guaranteed by advanced sterilization technology and strict quality assurance. Has been sold in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other more than 86 countries and regions, enjoy a good reputation, well received by customers.


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Our high-quality PLLA thread that addresses signs of aging around laugh lines, eyebrows, bags under the eyes, and other body areas. As a result, your facial contours will be more defined. Boosts Collagen Production Naturally Adds More Volume to Targeted Areas Ultra-Fine Long Lasting Results Post-Surgery

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D.Seahorse PLLA line is made of poly-L-lactic acid and other proven effective ingredients imported directly from international suppliers. Once in your skin, the threads break down/dissolve within 3 to 4 months, equating to longer lasting results. Trust us; the quality of PLLA thread we offer - at an affordable price - is unmatchable.

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Implementing Strict Quality Control Procedures

D.Seahorse PLLA Threads are popular in more than 52 countries as we follow strict quality control procedures and regulations defined by FDA for manufacturing companies. From PLLA thread fabrication to cutting and packaging, our skilled staff understands and executes quality practices at every stage.

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Nitrogen Filled for Extended Prevention Time

We store PLLA threads in nitrogen bags to protect and prevent product damage for extended storage time. This nitrogen-filled packaging ensures that no air or moisture can enter and affect the quality of the thread.

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PLLA Threads - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

PLLA Threads is a newly launched beauty treatment that is gaining popularity among celebrities to naturally lift their facial structure to a taller, clearer, more youthful position. What makes this treatment unique is that it is non-invasive and still achieves the desired results. If you are interested in learning more about PLLA thread lifting, please read this guide to the end.


What is PLLA thread?

PLLA thread is extremely durable and can be used in a wide range of critical surgical procedures, including cardiac procedures. Today, PLLA threads are a newer option for thread lifts, a treatment that attempts to properly lift the appearance and tissues of the face into a better, more youthful shape. This treatment stimulates collagen for a younger-looking appearance that lasts longer than PDO threads. PLLA is an abbreviation for poly-L-lactic acid. For more than 25 years, this compound has been used as a medicinal substance in tissue repair, sutures and surgical sealants.


Do PLLA threads work?

PLLA threads were recently certified by the FDA in 2009 as an effective facial restoration procedure. These threads are absorbable and biodegradable, making them less complicated and safer to use.


What are PLLA threads used for?

PLLA threads work by adding natural volume, firming the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, stimulating skin regeneration and rejuvenation through new collagen synthesis and promoting blood flow, compressing underlying tissues. It takes relatively longer time compared to PDO suturing. PLLA lines are more effective than PDO at replicating collagen synthesis. Practitioners can now treat various parts of the face or body directly, even in the form of threads, for quick results. Plus, it replenishes long-term collagen renewal. This is truly a gentle face lift that improves the texture and suppleness of the skin.


What is a PLLA thread lift?

A PLLA thread lift is a treatment that directly targets the facial anatomy for immediate lifting results.


How is the PLLA thread lift procedure performed?

To begin PLLA thread lift treatment, your surgeon will first mark your face (or other body part) to insert the threads. He or she then administers an anesthetic to the area that needs treatment to reduce pain and discomfort. Once the area is numb, PLLA threads are inserted into the different layers of skin with a blunt-tipped needle (called a microcannula). Once the PLLA threads are inserted deep into the skin, they begin to act as an anchor; thus, giving your skin an upward lifting effect while keeping it firm. The doctor will cut the excess thread.


Are PLLA thread lifts permanent?

Although the results of thread lifts are often not permanent, the overall results of PLLA thread lifts last longer than PDO thread lifts. PLLA threads have a lifespan of at least two years or more, so they last longer. Afterwards, they start to be absorbed by the skin layers. However, once the effect wears off, you can choose to repeat your treatment.


Are PLLA threads safe?

PLLA threads act as a safer and more comfortable fit for both the patient and the dermatologist or esthetician. Recent conclusions provide convincing evidence of the effectiveness and safety of thread lifting procedures using PLLA threads. However, due to methodological developments and positive results, these innovative sutures and their modifications are becoming more common and accessible. The use of silk threads has gradually and safely expanded further afield, from treating the face to several areas of the body, including the arms, thighs, chest, abdomen, and even the buttocks. Over the past three to five years, more and more people have actively opted for non-surgical treatments such as immediate thread lifts. On the other hand, PLLA wire lifts are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It's also inadvisable for those with a history of keloids, persistent skin infections, or autoimmune disease.


What are the benefits of PLLA threads?

There are many benefits of using PLLA threads in various programs. These include: Enhanced appearance by reducing wrinkles, folds and creases You can repeat any treatment with PLLA sutures in the future as needed, altering it to best address ongoing facial aging. PLLA threads tend to be transparent and not noticeable through the skin. Visible scarring is thus prevented. PLLA threads are generally longer lasting than PDO threads PLLA threads last about 24 months and gradually dissolve into the skin. Helps lift and firm loose or saggy skin It is a safe lifting and improving facial appearance procedure with an ideal safety record of over 30 years. It defines facial structure and features. It enhances the suppleness and smoothness of the skin. Improves complexion and complexion It targets the signs of aging around the eyes and on the rest of the face.


Can you move your face after a PLLA thread lift?

If you want to get the best results after a PLLA thread lift, you need to follow some precautions regarding facial contact. These are: Try to keep your head up for a week, though you can go back to your regular activities if you so choose. Also, pulling, massaging, rubbing, or exfoliating your facial skin is not a smart idea. Do not wash or touch your face for at least 12 hours after the procedure. Limit facial movement and exercise and avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after surgery. You must avoid facial massage or tugging of any kind, at least for the first 10 to 15 days after treatment. It reduces the risk of applying too much tension to the treated area without triggering the potential for swelling and bruising. Doing so may also cause PLLA threads to move out of place unexpectedly.


Are PLLA thread lifts worth it?

PLLA thread lifts can provide immediate results in firming and lifting the skin. The lifting power of the technique provides instant results. However, it may take about two weeks for collagen to build, at which point you'll notice improvements in skin tone, texture, and overall quality.


Ideal Candidates for a PLLA Thread Lift

Those who experience early signs of aging, such as minor wrinkles and sagging skin, are ideal clients for this thread lift and may receive the most beneficial rejuvenating treatment. This method effectively lifts facial structure and tissue to a higher, more youthful state, giving the face a natural, radiant and lifted appearance. This substance works through the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the body to produce new collagen while the fibers remain. Thus, it increases the volume of the skin and makes it look firmer.